Can i use swappa without paypal?

Swappa uses PayPal primarily for payments because of its measures to protect the seller, the buyer and its dispute resolution process. Buyers also have two main options. Swappa uses PayPal to process payments for several reasons. One of the reasons is due to the extensive protections they offer to buyers and sellers.

Another reason is because PayPal allows the buyer to send a secure payment using a variety of payment methods, such as the balance of a PayPal account, a credit card, or a debit card. Swappa uses PayPal for all purchases made on our marketplace. A lot of this has to do with the convenience and strong protections that PayPal has in place to ensure that everyone is happy throughout the transaction process. For those who don't have a PayPal account, you can always pay with a PayPal guest account, but if you ever plan to sell later, becoming a verified PayPal user is your best option.

Just select Buy Now, pay later at checkout, enter some personal details, and Zip will provide you with an immediate decision. There are no strict credit checks and Zip won't affect your credit rating. Unfortunately, even though Pay in 4 is not available for purchases with Swappa, there are times when PayPal presents it as an option for the buyer. PayPal also has two funding options, however, only one of those two options is available for purchases with Swappa.

Swappa is a people-driven marketplace that makes buying and selling new technologies safe and simple. In the event of a return, Swappa will refund the sales fee when the seller is at fault, but in the event that a buyer simply changes their mind about a purchase. However, since Pay in 4 is not available for purchases on the Swappa marketplace, the payment will not be made and, ultimately, the sale will not be successful.