Does swappa pay immediately?

When your item is sold on Swappa, you get paid instantly through PayPal. Without waiting, you will receive payment before shipping. At Swappa, we use PayPal for payments because it offers extensive protections for buyers and sellers. Zip divides your purchase into 4 simple terms.

The first payment will be made at checkout. Zip will bill the remaining three payments to your credit or debit card automatically, every two weeks. Swappa's local payments work just like standard Swappa marketplace payments. All you have to do is find the item you want, go through the payment process as usual, and receive the best technology offers straight to your door the next day or sooner.

Although you can sell your iPhone at your local Apple Store or at a variety of retailers and operators, Swappa is the best way to sell your iPhone and other used technological devices. Technology is advancing fast and, whether you have your sights set on the next big thing or if you simply want to make some money with the things you no longer use, selling on Swappa is the best way to get the most money with your old technology.