How do i get over selling a house i love?

Business Insider offers more tips for emotionally distancing yourself during the selling process, setting the right price for your home. Decide which sales strategy is right for you. Keep an open mind about the buyer. Be flexible during the negotiation process.

Don't forget the old adage “home is where the heart is” to help you think about home in terms of the people you love and not in terms of a place. Whether it's your spouse, children, parents, or even friends you treat as family members, remember that your real home is where the people you love are. Take pictures of the property, review old memories with them, and remember how everyone loved living there. We hope that the process will help you accept your emotions during the sale of the house.

Selling a house causes a wave of different emotions. There's excitement in a fresh start, but there can also be sadness when leaving a home you've loved for years. There's expectation as offers arrive, but there can be stress if the transaction hits an obstacle. You're proud of the work you've done over the years, but you might be offended if a buyer doesn't see the value.

A great way to overcome any feelings you might experience when selling your home is to focus on the future rather than the past. If you're looking for a home, get excited about the homes you can consider. If you've already bought a new home, start planning the projects you would like to tackle or how you would like to decorate your new space. This is because, while buying or selling a house is, in essence, an exchange of money for a product, it is also a task full of hopes and dreams and, at least in the case of the seller, of memories and experiences rooted in that physical space.

Yes, it's often a lot of money. But it can be much more than that, whether the transaction is made for a good reason or for a heartbreaking reason. Huettel said it was impossible to try to turn something like buying or selling a house into a cold, emotionless and exclusively financial transaction. Our brain just doesn't allow it.

When the process is extremely stressful, if the house isn't selling or the offers are well below what sellers think it's worth, relying on a broker can help, said Ms. With homes being sold by divorce, “there's a lot of anxiety for all parties, not just for people who get divorced, but buyers are worried about how the house will look when they move in, Mrs.