How fast does swappa sell?

Swappa's local delivery is very fast, next day or sooner. Sellers have up to 24 hours to mark an item for pickup. He mentions that his featured ads sell within 24 to 48 hours in his Sitejabber review. When your item is sold on Swappa, you get paid instantly through PayPal.

Without waiting, you will receive payment before shipping. Swappa sellers can select an option to offer express shipping in their listings. Expedited shipping is available to buyers in the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

In the US, and the cost of shipping is set by the seller and it is the buyer who pays. Swappa is the best way to sell your phone online and get paid quickly. Swappa allows you to buy and sell directly with other users, so sellers earn more and buyers save more. In fact, I sold a phone a month ago.

The phone was sent to a verified address, received and signed. About 2 weeks after receiving the phone, I start receiving messages from the buyer through Swappa saying that they need help. It turns out that the buyer is actually from Nigeria and sent it to a company in Portland, Oregon, which in turn would send it to them. He sent me a message saying that the company would not accept PayPal as payment (a lie) and wanted it to be sent to him via Western Union.

I contacted swappa and PayPal saying that the buyer was trying to scam me. Swappa contacted him and dropped him. Instead of trading your phone for peanuts, Swappa allows you to sell directly to buyers and receive the best price for your old technology. Compared to other companies that buy used phones, Swappa seems to be exceptionally secure, especially considering its buy-to-buyer platform.

Swappa sellers are responsible for the condition of the product until it is delivered to the buyer's shipping address. If you're ready to sell your phone on Swappa, there are a few things you can do to streamline the process. Selling on Swappa means that you get paid what your phone is really worth, and that's more than what the trade-in sites offer. These professional tips, along with good communication and quick responses, should help you sell your ad faster.

Since PayPal handles online transactions, Swappa is a great way to get cash for your phone, not store credit. If you live in one of the 43 cities that have introduced Swappa Local, you can list your device here to find a local buyer and avoid shipping costs. You can sell phones locked by an operator on Swappa (a phone that is locked to their respective network), but all phones must be paid in full before they can be published and sold on Swappa. I've visited some popular websites for selling and buying used phones to find out how Swappa compares.

Swappa assigns a fee to the buyer; you'll be able to see the total price before you publish your ad. Ultimately, Swappa is a great place to consider selling your phone or any other used technology that is fully functional and in good condition. Unlike other websites, Swappa cannot offer you an exact quote, since you will sell directly to a buyer based on the price you set yourself. Swappa offers some of the highest returns for used phones and prides itself on the safety of the seller and the buyer.

Unlike many other companies that buy used cell phones, Swappa eliminates middlemen with its user-to-user approach.