Is it hard to sell on swappa?

The small seller fees are paid by the buyer at the time of purchase, which means that you don't have to worry about any initial costs when creating an ad on Swappa. Just make a list of all your old tech products and watch the money roll in. Make more money selling with Swappa instead of using a low-cost exchange site. As far as Swappa is concerned, it's a relatively safe place to sell.

I make sure to take lots of photos in a well-lit environment so that the buyer can't tell that there are scratches, etc. I also record a video. Definitely make sure you have the serial number and IMEI. Security, simplicity, and staff-approved ads make Swappa the best way to buy and sell used phones, tablets, laptops, video games, home technology and more.

Knowing that there had to be a better way, Swappa began as a side project to create a better market for buying and selling quality mobile devices. In the last 6 years selling more than 50 phones, I have only had one problem, the buyer stated that I sent them an empty box. I'm not trying to judge anyone, but I've had nothing but trouble selling to people in New York, Miami and California. I've used Swappa in the past, and the sellers on this site are fast and the products arrive as advertised.

The Swappa staff works hard to prevent problems from arising, and PayPal has extensive protections for buyers if they occur. I took some photos and entered the requested information to sell an item and sold both of my phones in less than a week.