What is the cheapest time of the year to buy a house?

Winter is often the cheapest time of year to buy a home. Sellers are often motivated, which automatically translates into an advantage for you. Most people suspend their ads from Thanksgiving to the New Year because they assume that buyers are scarce. What is the best month to buy a house at the best price? While it's hard to say for sure, January and February are more likely to offer the lowest prices on the market.

However, if you wait until fall or winter, you'll find much more affordable prices. As the climate cools, so do home prices. ATTOM data shows that October, December, November, January and February are the five best months to buy a home. As the ATTOM report says, prices fall as winter approaches.

January has the lowest average sales price at closing and stays on the market for the longest, 3%, the best time to buy a home. February is also a great time to buy a home. Generally, the best time of year to buy a home is early fall. Families have already settled in new homes before the school year began.

However, the number of properties on the market is still relatively high compared to other times of the year, and sellers may be eager to sell. The house I have now was on my own, and I got the sales agent to work with me for a lower price and a better time to close the deal for both parties. So when is a good time to buy a home? The right time to buy a home is when you know that your finances can support the responsibility of homeownership.