Why is selling your house so stressful?

Approximately two-thirds, for example, say that the uncertainty of selling for the desired price (70%) or within the desired time frame (69%), packing their belongings (67%), worrying about the failure of buyers' offers (65%) and making improvements to prepare the house for sale (65%) added to the stress they felt during the process. A lack of control, especially when it comes to time and money, is what sellers are most concerned about. First on the list, according to Zillow, is not knowing if the house will sell when the owners want it, which 56 percent of respondents cite as stressful. 53 percent of respondents mentioned uncertainty about whether a home will be sold at the price desired by the owners.

In normal times, the main stressors of selling a home have to do with the time and financial aspects of the sale. Not surprisingly, the pandemic doesn't change the fact that financial and calendar concerns are among the top concerns of sellers. So how can you alleviate these concerns by selling your home in today's market? The best advice when leaving a relationship? Focus on the future. Chances are you're moving on to bigger and better things.

Start visualizing yourself in your new home. Plan the placement of your furniture by following these tips from HGTV. Create a vision board with paint colors, fabrics and works of art. Do everything you can to fall head over heels in love with your new space.

Your real estate professional can help by providing advice and guidance throughout the home sale process, interacting with potential buyers, and guiding you through the sale of the home. Sellers are equally stressed (52 percent) by the concern that an offer will not be valid and by the demands of making home improvements and preparing their home for sale. This can help homeowners feel relieved that even if their home isn't in perfect condition when buyers come to see it, the home is still adapting to the needs and tastes of homebuyers. For many homeowners, the solution to organizing and preparing the house between house visits is to have it cleaned by a professional on a regular basis.

If you're like most home sellers, you probably already know that working with a real estate agent can mean a lot during the process of selling a home. This makes negotiating with buyers stressful because most home sellers don't feel prepared and unable to manage negotiations on their own. You can imagine that the prospective buyer of your home is just like you and will love the house for the same reasons as you. It goes without saying, then, that selling a home during a pandemic can be an especially difficult task.

If you're a homeowner and want to sell your home in the coming months, you can make the process easier by working with a professional real estate agent. Home sellers often worry that their house will sell too soon before the purchase of their new home or that their house will take a long time to sell after they have purchased their new home. This type of perspective can make it difficult for sellers to make their home more attractive to buyers. Having an agent with the necessary experience and knowledge is essential when selling a home.